The demand: Safety

Governments, corporations and the general public are demanding more safety in buildings. Practice has shown that it is essential that we can address people when a safety incident occurs.

Research shows that the characteristic of the incident, the people involved and the place where the incident occurs all effect the level of self-sufficiency of people. SpeeQ provides life safety technology for people and emergency response officers to enhance a safer and faster evacuation in case of an emergency.

How do you respond?

How do emergency services think?

The Solution: EvaQ

EvaQ life safety products are designed to help people in critical situations. In critical situations people are depending on clear safety information and instructions. The modular technology used in EvaQ products is designed to help organizations and people with a faster evacuation in case of an emergency.

When an evacuation is initiated, The EN54 certified EvaQ Voice alarm systems will instruct people about what is going on and where to go using sound indications. The ENEC certified EvaQ lighting will ensure the fastest escape route to safety with clear and visual indicators. The possibility to combine EvaQ systems makes EvaQ even more powerfull when it comes to a fast evacuation of people.

Safety matters, and that's why EvaQ provides understandable safety,
for people. For more information

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Pilot project Brictiusschule

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Safe shopping in France

French partner CAE was proud to commission their first EvaQ project.

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Animal planet

In March 2016, the totally renewed animal park ‘Dierenpark Emmen’ in the Netherlands will open its doors to the public.

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